Meal planning Monday 24th August - healthy does it


Last week I didn't cook a lot. It was a super busy week at work. Husband was also working late, so there was a skipped dinner and a couple of nights of leftovers during the week, so most of the plan was abandoned.

I did the super healthy salmon patties. They are quick, tasty and fulfilling and will appear on the menu again soon.

Healthy salmon burgers and salad

Friday I didn't have time to go to fishmongers, so it was supermarket seabass fillets stuffed with cherry tomatoes, basil and spring onions and baked with some broccoli and asparagus on the side. They were lovely and again it was a very healthy meal. I made a side of Zoodles, because it is an important food trend to get amongst. They turned out reasonably ugly because I don't have a spiraller. And they need other kinds of fine tuning as well, so not worth a blog post just yet.

Saturday the weather was lovely so instead of my baked chicken with orzo and rice I barbecued the chicken legs and served with a lemony rice and orzo pilaf with was amazing. Try it or be sorry. Make sure you add lots of herbs though, that's what makes the dish.

Lemon rice and orzo pilaf with feta and herbs

And Sunday was our wedding anniversary, so I had booked Gordon Ramsay's Maze for dinner, which was spectacular. We don't often eat out, and when we do it's usually nothing fancy, so this was a real treat. And luckily we had a voucher because the bill came to an eye-watering £200+.

I don't think it's right to spend that amount of money in one meal for two people, it's just excessive and wrong. So if anyone has vouchers and feels wrong about it you can send them to me and I'll dispose of them in an ethical manner.

Four course meal at Maze by Gordon Ramsay
Our modest meal at Maze
This week we'll continue with husband's belly busting health kick which suffered a bit of a setback in the hands of Gordon Ramsay. So we'll be healthy and restrained all week, but in the weekend I will feed him well, say what you will.

Meal Plan for the week

Monday                Saturday's leftover chicken and rice
Tuesday                Tuscan bean soup
Wednesday           Pan fried trout fillets
Thursday              Chicken, leek and vegetable soup stew or leftover Tuscan Soup
#fishfriday            Grilled grouper          
Saturday               My awesome BBQ moose burgers
Sunday                 Paella Valencia

I am sharing my plan with Mrs M - come and see what else is cooking!

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  1. That all sounds delicious! I have never heard of zoodles before, they sound interesting. My eyes are watering for you at the thought of that bill! The food does look incredible and you had a very important day to celebrate, I love the extra touch of the anniversary message... I hope you receive lots of vouchers to dispose of ;)

    1. Thanks :) the food was incredible and it was great as a one off but I'm happy to be back to my more modest menu.

  2. Wow those moose burgers sound awesome. The menu sounds varied and lovely. Have a great week.

    1. :) thanks! Have a lovely week too and let's hope we get some nice weather over the long weekend!