Meal Planning Monday 10th August - Cupboard clearout


Lemony smoked salmon and prawn pasta
Lemony smoked salmon and prawn pasta
Last week didn't go fully to plan and some dishes I didn't get to cook will appear in my plans later. The reindeer pizza is cursed somehow, I've had it on the plan several times, but something always happens to knock us off course. This time it was a surprise invite to a BBQ party - surprise to me but probably not to husband, who in all likelihood just forgot to tell me. But I don't mind a nice surprise. Our friends were celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary and had invited some friends and family over for a BBQ on Saturday.

Lamb and chicken skewers on BBQ
There was lots of meat - this was just the beginning
Last time we went for a similar barbecue at theirs, we were so late (husband totally messed up) that when we arrived the host couple were saying their goodbyes to the other guests in front of the house. I suggested we just drive past and go back home. But husband doesn't think there is any shame in being slightly (!?)  late, it can happen to anyone (somehow though it mostly happens to him) so we said quick hellos and goodbyes to the other guests and followed the hosts to the back garden. We had a nice evening enjoying some reheated but still delicious BBQ food.

This time we were only half an hour late, but they live in Bromley which is practically abroad, so even I think 30 minutes is acceptable. We had a fun afternoon sitting in the garden. Weather was gorgeous, company was fun and food was great. We had lamb and chicken skewers and dreamy Patisserie Valerie cakes for dessert.

Plate of barbecued lamb, chicken and rice

Patisserie Valerie strawberries and cream cake

Of my own cooking the highlights of the week were a very tasty lemony smoked salmon and prawn pasta and BBQ lime and chilli tuna that I made for our own wedding anniversary on Friday.

This week I will do a cupboard clear. I am totally inspired by Emma at Supper in the Suburbs. I love buying food, so my cupboards are really full always and I like it that way. I don't have to think whether I have things when I plan a meal, there is always different types of pasta, rice, noodles, couscous, bulgur, lentils, all kinds of beans, chickpeas (lots of them), tomatoes, passata, olives, mushroom, coconut milk, olives, capers, tinned fish and even some meat (moose) and lots more.

I also like to think that if there was a disaster of some sort I could easily feed us for weeks, maybe even a few months from the cupboards and the freezer. Anxiety inherited from parents traumatized by post-war rationing.

But I decided some recycling is in order to get rid of some old stuff so I'll have room for new things.

From the cupboard I will use pasta, rice, olives, chanterelles, chickpeas, fava beans, moose meat, sundried tomato paste, tinned tomatoes and dried peas. And of course things like flour, spices, herbs, breadcrumbs etc. From the freezer I'll use filo pastry, peas, reindeer salami and broccoli. And in the fridge I already had cream, cheeses, bell peppers, tomatoes, chillies, onions, courgette, potatoes etc.

The main things I need to buy for the week are milk, bread and fresh fruit. I will also probably need some more fresh salad veggies towards the end of the week plus the meat for Saturday dinner which I'm not decided on yet. And I will need some cat food and treats for our little visitor. We are looking after a friend's cat while they are on holiday. She's very cute and I love feeding her. As a reward she curls up on my lap and purrs.

Our little guest

Meal plan for the week:

#meatfreemonday      Sundried tomato and vegetable pasta
Tuesday                     Chickpea and hummus burgers
Wednesday                Moose and chanterelle filo tart, Finnish wild mushroom salad
Thursday                   Traditional Finnish Thursday meal: Pea soup, Oven pancake
#fishfriday                 Smoked salmon "temptation" - Swedish inspired fish and potato bake
Saturday                    Haven't decided yet, kids are coming so something meaty probably
Sunday                      Reindeer salami pizza (moved from last week, will probs be moved again)

I am sharing my plan at Mrs M's and Organizing junkie (which I really am not, but here's to aspiring!)

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  1. It's seems we are all chickpea and lentil hoarders! :D My cupboards are fit to burst, so I've been scouring old magazines (something else I horde) for recipes to rid myself of all these grains and beans! I have actually found a few good 'uns and a book I'll treat myself to next week filled with really tasty looking grain recipes!
    My husband is the opposite of yours and likes to be extremely early everywhere. He shoved me out of the house at the crack of dawn on Saturday and there was nowhere open when we first got to the food festival!
    I'm off to check out your prawn and salmon pasta now :)

  2. :) I think I could do a full lentil and split pea week next! But they are great to have in the cupboard. And even on the plate.

    I read your food festical post - souded a lot of fun! Good to be early - easy parking and no crowds!

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