Meal Planning Monday 17th August


Last week was cupboard clearout and although I didn't get to cook all the meals in the plan because some lasted us a few nights, I did quite well. I only bought new food for Saturday and got through several cans of chickpeas and some other stuff. I don't know what I'm doing wrong though, I still managed to buy 5 massive bags of food worth over £70 even with all this cupboard clearing.

I think I have a problem.
Monday I did a nice veggie pasta with sundried tomato paste from the cupboard and vegetables from fridge. Tuesday and Wednesday we had hummus and chickpea burgers which were really nice. Next time I'll add some fresh herbs and chilli for even more taste, but I was surprised that carnivorous husband completely loved Tuesday's meal of leftover veggie pasta and chickpea burgers.

Sundried tomato pasta and chickpea and hummus burgers
Sundried tomato pasta and chickpea and hummus burgers
Thursday I did the tinned moose and dry chanterelle tart with my Finnish wild mushroom salad, which we also had on Friday.

Tinned moose meat and dried chanterelle quiche

Traditional Finnish Wild Mushroom Salad
Wild mushroom salad

Saturday we had a Mexican night with the kids. I made beef with black beans, lime chicken, fried vegetables and we had them with tortillas, tacos, nachos, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and the works. Oh and thin cut mexican spiced oven chips.

Mexican fiesta with beef and black beans and chicken fajitas
Enough food for 4 people?
To my sadness the kids are eating less nowadays. I think they have probably reached their full height which is not a bad thing as they both are about 6'4", but that means their appetites although still good are not as epic as they used to be. Before they would have effortlessly demolished the almost 2kg of meat on the table, but now there were enough leftovers for Sunday and today.

They did eat all the peanut butter biscuits I made - there must have been about 40-50 of them.

I used the leftover chicken and veg for my Sesame chicken noodle recipe on Sunday. At least they scraped that pan clean. And there's enough beef and black beans to make us quesadillas tonight.

I'm going to stop writing pizza on my plan - as long as it's on the plan I never get to make it, it seems.

This week I'm going to continue using things that I have kept way too long in the cupboard, but will also try to make the week quite light. Husband was rubbing his belly the other night and said he'd like to get rid of it. I quite like his belly, secretly I would love to blow raspberries on it, but I don't think he'd find that sexy. It's not a big belly, and a skinny husband is an embarrassment to a wife. Ha! Joking.

We will be having lots of vegetables and fish, less meat and carbs although we'll start the week with meat and carbs.

This weeks meal plan

Monday          Beef and black bean quesadillas
Tuesday          Tuscan bean soup
Wednesday     Salmon fishcakes
Thursday        Leftovers from Tuesday / Wednesday
#FishFriday    BBQ or baked snapper or grouper
Saturday         Oregano chicken with lemon orzo and rice
Sunday           Anniversary dinner, we might be going out

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  1. I spotted your small trolley - I often get the small one thinking I will spend less, its a lie :D

    Wishing you a happy anniversary x

    1. I don't dare to try the big trolley - it might be even worse :)

      And thank you!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. £70!!! I thought I was bad :D I've tamed it down this week, and I feel back on the ball at last. I spent a fortune last week and ate waaaay too much cake, which would of been okay but we didn't go out on bike hardly. I'm loving all your healthy meals, and the hummus and chickpea burgers sound spot on along with the salmon fishcakes! I've got to stop eating so many carbs too, I love baking bread though :(
    Right I'm on a mission today...lots to post and lots to catch up on ;) I await your plan for this week later! :D

    1. :) Bread is my big love too. Luckily I love healthy rye / wholemeal, but unfortunately also love lots of butter and cheese on top :/

    2. :) Bread is my big love too. Luckily I love healthy rye / wholemeal, but unfortunately also love lots of butter and cheese on top :/