Easy lemon prawn and smoked salmon pasta - no bellyache


Husband returned home from holidays 4 days before me and during this time he had missed my sexy body cooking so much that on Monday night when I barbecued him lovely organic lamb chops he completely overdid it and had stomach pains all night wondering if there was something wrong with the chops. I had bought them on the day from the little farm shop near my work, so I know there wasn’t anything wrong other than the fact they were so expertly cooked to delicious perfection J that he just had too many.

Poor man. As one of many cheerful and optimistic Finnish proverbs says “Too much fun will end in tears”.

Lucky I had planned a lighter dinner for Tuesday. This is a really quick and simple recipe for those weeknights when you don't have hours to spend preparing dinner. You can be flexible with the veg and use any fish or seafood you like. I had a pack of king prawns in the freezer and some Finnish flame smoked salmon, but you can use any salmon in case you don’t happen to have Heimon Liekki salmon at hand.

Lemony prawn and smoked salmon wholewheat pasta

It turned out very tasty and I plated a reasonable size portion for husband. All-round success apart from a little mishap with photography. While looking for the best angle to photograph this awesome culinary masterpiece I dropped my iPhone on the plate and broke the plate. It was from IKEA not Wedgwood thank God, not that I have any Wedgwood plates. So it was a financially manageable loss.

Thank God also that it was the plate that broke not the iPhone. They're surprisingly robust these iProducts, my sister took a bath with her husband's iPad and the iPad survived. Her husband wasn't best pleased whilst hanging the device out to dry, but with my sister you have to moderate the expression of your displeasure or she might not talk to you for three years.

I on the other hand stepped on my iPod Shuffle with a stiletto heal. They were lovely pointy toed green suede L.K.Bennett heals. There was a heal sized and shaped hole in the screen of the shuffle after that. I took it to the Apple Store and said that it just went like that all of a sudden, I don't know what happened, a manufacturing fault perhaps? They just looked at me like I was deranged and didn't replace it.

I had got it for free from an advertising agency. Those were the days when bribes were still called corporate gifts. So I suppose it served me right. Easy come, easy go. Or as we say in Finland "If it comes singing, it will go whistling" or something equally stupid.

Lemony prawn, smoked salmon and dill pasta

Easy lemony prawn and smoked salmon pasta (serves 4)

350g wholewheat or spelt pasta
150g prawns
150g cold-smoked salmon
1 lemon, zest & juice
4 spring onions
1 courgette
Generous handful of cherry tomatoes
150ml sour cream
¼ cup Dill
¼ cup Parsley

Cook the pasta in salted water according to the instructions, drain preserving some of the cooking water.

In the meanwhile devein the prawns, chop the courgette and spring onions, halve the tomatoes, zest and juice the lemon, chop the herbs and cut the salmon into bite size pieces. Heat a tbsp of oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the onion and courgette and fry on medium heat until they start to soften (if you want to add a clove of garlic I won’t hold that against you, I bet it would be nice). Add half of the lemon zest and juice, the herbs, tomatoes and prawns and fry until the prawns are almost done, mix in the smoked salmon and cook until the salmon is done. This should only take a minute unless you are using raw salmon, in which case add it earlier.

Add the sour cream and the rest of lemon zest and juice to the pasta with a pinch of salt and lemon pepper. Mix in carefully the prawn, salmon and vegetable mix. Check for seasoning and add salt, pepper and some of the pasta liquid if necessary. Make sure it’s hot through, garnish with fresh dill and serve with a salad.  

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  1. That is definitely my kind of dish, love all the ingredients, and I especially have a thing for dill, seafood and sour cream! I might have a bash at making some spelt pasta to go with this (just to ruin the 'quick' part of the recipe) :D
    I wonder if anyone eats off Wedgwood plates? :) all mine are from IKEA too, though I did live in Stoke the home of Wedgewood for a while and have some enourmous Dudson plates...definitely no good now I'm trying to cut down. My iPhone has survived a splash in the bath, but recently it's starting to flag, I don't like the look of the new one though...but love all my apple apps!

    1. I have no say when it comes to phones, husband upgrades me before I know a new one is out - but then I'd probably still have my old kitchen cupboard sized Nokia with the telescopic antenna if it wasn't for him. He's a bit of an apple / gadget geek. I think most men are.