Meal Planning Monday 28th Sept - Pizza love


Smoked reindeer, reindeer salami, roast veg and 4 cheese pizza
Smoked reindeer, reindeer salami, roast veg and 4 cheese pizza

Last week went 100% to plan, maybe partly because I wrote the plan midweek.

I'm going to stop reporting the expenditure. I don't see the fun in that really.

So - lots of good food was had, a tasty chicken and chorizo paella, delicate redfish in white wine and an incredibly yammy reindeer pizza on Saturday night.

White wine baked redfish with lemon and dill
White wine baked redfish with lemon and dill
Husband helped with the pizza, he used to run a pizza restaurant, so he was making the dough and showing (off) how to knead the dough into portion sized tight balls that apparently should feel like an 18 year old's boob. The last time I felt one is more than a quarter century ago, so not so helpful. I should hope it has been a while for husband too. After he was done with the dough, he pointed at the mess on the worktop and said "You can clean now" and went to watch football in his superhero pyjama pants.

I made a tasty tomato sauce with lots of fresh herbs and smoked garlic - a new acquaintance. It smells lovely, but I'm not sure how much the taste comes through in something like this where in the end results there are so many strong tastes. I will be trying it in salads and dips where it might shine more. I also roasted some peppers, onion and mushroom for the pizza.

And then husband resumed his duties shaping the two perfect little boobs into thin pizza bases flamboyantly throwing them up in the air. I was standing by handing him instruments like an operating theatre technician admiring the skill of the surgeon - "Cutter" - "Meat tenderiser" (!?!) - "Flour" - "Pan" but remarkably no "Rolling pin" which I had ready on my instruments tray.

We must play this actually, I'll wear my little plastic nurses uniform and husband will wear something other than superhero pyjama pants.

We then topped the pizzas with my lovely sauce and veg, slices of smoked reindeer and reindeer salami, mozzarella, cheddar, Monterey Jack and edam finishing them off with thin slices of tomato and olives. They were awesome - we are going to do some this Saturday with kids, they sounded a bit jealous on the phone when husband told them what we were doing. And I'm totally going to embarrass them with their Dad's boob story. Sexual education is important, how the hell are they otherwise supposed to know what an 18 year old's boob is supposed to feel like.

On Sunday I did a cooking afternoon with a friend who wants to get more confident in the kitchen - we did some hummus. a blue cheese dressing, chicken two ways and an apple cake. I think there might be separate blog post in it when I get a moment.

A bowl of hummus
Chicken with lemon, feta and herbs, roast potatoes with Greek herbs
Chicken with lemon, feta and herbs, roast potatoes with Greek herbs
Apple cake with sour cream and clotted cream and honeycomb ice-cream
Apple cake with sour cream and clotted cream and honeycomb ice-cream. Cake home-made, Ice-cream shop-bought.

This week's plan is not super inspired, but hey ho.

Monday - Tuesday
Weekend's leftovers

Wednesday - Thursday
  Ghormeh Sabzi stew, but from beef instead of lamb

Fish - obviously, but not sure what I will find

Pizza and thin-cut oven chips

Tomato-herb soup and leftover pizza (if any left)

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  1. Would love some tips on how to get perfect pizza bases - we're planning to start experimenting with home made dough but I am not sure how successful I will be with all the flinging...! Enjoy your week. x

    1. That's a great idea actually - I will make husband divulge all his professional secrets and see if there is a blog post in it. I always struggle because our oven doesn't get super hot to get the bottom right, but we're getting there. I think flinging is optional :)

      Have a good week too! x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.