Meal Planning Monday - 21st September


Last week was a good one foodwise, mostly on plan. Also new personal best in spending; £115 for food, only excuse is an expensive lamb leg, otherwise I am a bit baffled as to how it came to that much.

I've been doing even more fish than normal in the recent weeks and we've had quite a few fully vegetarian days also. I am going to continue on this great path. Husband did point out that although he is absolutely loving all this and appreciating my culinary support of his cardiovascular health, he is also a man after all and will need a certain amount of meat. Manhood is a meaty business.

Here are some of the week's culinary escapades:

Scandinavian salmon soup with prawns and sour cream
Creamy Finnish salmon and prawn soup
Spicy lentil stew with tomatoes and butternut squas
Moroccan chickpea, lentil and butternut squash stew

Mixed fish and seafood stew with saffron and tomatoes
Mediterranean fish stew

Slow roast leg of lamb with lemon, garlic and herbs
Greek lamb kleftiko
It looked more appetising after 6 hours in the oven

Pear and brandy cake with almonds
Pear and brandy cake with almonds

Pink raspberry cake at the Buckingham Palace cafe
Pink raspberry cake at the Buckingham Palace cafe

This week started off quite busy and Monday night I resorted to leftover moose burgers from the freezer. Last night I did a sweet potato and chilli soup. Wednesday a friend is visiting so I will do a bit of a Spanish theme, it's a work day and I am picking her from the airport on the way home from the office, probably driving to at least two wrong terminals before eventually finding the right one, so I will keep it reasonably simple.

Sweet potato and chilli soup
Sweet potato and chilli soup

Sunday another friend is coming over for a cookery experience. Cooking has not really been top of her agenda and she would like to learn more. So we are going to have a fun afternoon learning to cook chicken a couple of ways and some other things. I'm still working on the ideas, we might even bake a cake. But we also just want to sit around the table, eat and gossip.

Weekly meal plan

Monday             Moose burgers and salad
Tuesday             Sweet potato and chilli soup
Wednesday        Chicken, chorizo and seafood paella
Thursday           Leftover paella
#fishfriday        Best of what the John Lewis foodhall fish counter has to offer
Saturday            Seriously this time I am bloody well gonna make the Pizza
Sunday              Chicken two ways

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  1. Hmmm, sounds very similar to my husband who gets a bit twitchy when the number of meat based meals decreases - he's away for a week in October and I plan lots of those veggie dishes that I never manage to slip past him!

    Sounds like you have a lovely week planned - enjoy. x