Cruciferous Meal Planning Monday 22nd June


There were some misses last week – late evenings at work and leftovers and moose pasties from the freezer. I did make the roast duck legs, some lovely fresh fish in the form of tuna steak and noodles. And weekend went pretty much to plan, lots of barbecued fish and seafood.

And I managed to try a couple of new things this week, Hasselback potatoes and taramosalata, both of which I really enjoyed. I also did my first ever Cherry Bakewell. It turned out looking very pretty indeed and tasted delicious. It could have been from a very nice bakery. Thanks to fellow meal planner Mother Mands for the recipe.

Cherry bakewell tart

Hasselback potatoes

A couple of dishes that I really want to do but didn’t manage to fit in last week, the moose salami pizza and chicken marsala, are back in the plan this week. 

I am also adding more watercress, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables because I’ve just read about the amazing health benefits they have. I mean I always knew they’re good for you, but I’ve been reading up on epigenetics, phytochemicals and these amazing little vegetables that are going to be my new best friends. Not only will they sort out my wrinkles (actually I didn’t find much evidence for this, but with everything else that they do, I’m sure a couple of wrinkles will not be a problem), husband’s blood pressure and cholesterol, they will also safeguard us against cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, we will be able to see in the dark, husband's hair will grow back and my frozen shoulder will unfreeze. We will have six-packs and buns of steel.

So cabbage and kale, hide your sisters and daughters, I am on my way. I have avoided kale before because it was just too trendy and looks vile, but I will now get amongst it. I will never drink a kale smoothie though. That's where I draw the line.

This week dinner plan

Monday - Chicken Marsala with broccoli and other veg for husband, weekend’s left over potato salad and taramosalata for me
Tuesday – Spaghetti Squash and Kale Bake (from Lemon and Cheese blog)
Wednesday – Cabbage and lamb parcels
Thursday - Leftovers from last night or a quick veggie soup, broccoli perhaps? Kale?
#FishFriday – Oven baked salmon with Finncrisp and rocket pesto crust
Saturday – Grilled lamb koobideh, barberry rice, grilled tomatoes
Sunday –Moose salami and veg pizza, rocket salad, might try cauliflower crust for the pizza

I am sharing my meal plan with Mrs M later.

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  1. I really want a go of the spaghetti squash and kale bake, but I have no clue where to get a spaghetti squash from!?! Oop north we don't have such things! :D I'll have to check waitrose next time I'm near one...or leeds market!
    Yep if you come up with good, sneaky green veg recipes I want to know all about them and of course if I discover any I will also share. I have a hard job sneaking Tom any greenery.

    1. I may have jumped the gun with the spaghetti squash - I couldn't find it either. Apparently Waitrose have it but maybe only later in fall when it's in season.