BBQ Sunday – Taramosalata, week’s worth of food and a fabulous Bakewell Tart


Taramosalata fish roe dip

I had invited a friend for lunch today. The idea was to enjoy our new garden as the forecast for the day originally was good, but the closer to today we got the more depressing the forecast. It wasn’t horrendous, but not eating in the garden weather either. Good enough to light the barbecue though!

I always love to cook lots of different little things for these kinds of occasions. I never bother with dips much when it’s just husband and me, but I love them passionately. Today I made a fantastically fishy taramosalata. I've never actually made it before, just tried the lurid pink supermarket kind. But if you like fishy things like I do, YOU MUST TRY THIS. Oops, CapsLock unintentional, but actually works well there, so I'll leave them. So - Taramosalata, definitely loved it. TRY IT!

I did a baked goat cheese dip with heirloom tomatoes and herbs on top which curdled, but tasted good. I served the dips with greek spiced fried pitta crisps and crostini.

For main course I barbecued prawns and fish skewers with scallops, salmon and tuna steak which I had marinated in oil, lemon, Greek herb mix and honey. For sides I had made a Finnish style potato salad with sour cream and mayonnaise dressing with lots of dill of course, a Greek salad and a Rocket, spinach and parmesan salad with a balsamic dressing.

For dessert I’d made a bakewell tart. I saw the recipe on this lovely blog recently and wanted to try it as I've never made a Bakewell tart and it's such a British thing. I remember when I first moved to this lovely country almost 13 years ago and the girls in the office were talking about Cherry Bakewell and I was like "Who is she?"

Cherry bakewell tart

Cherry bakewell tart

Cherry bakewell tart

Cherry bakewell tart

Cherry bakewell tart

My Cherry Bakewell turned out perfectly. It looked lovely and what I really liked it wasn’t sickly sweet like some Bakewells I’ve had. We actually shared a slice yesterday with husband in a cafe in town and it was lovely, but it was a bit on the greasy and sweet side. This on the other hand was gorgeous.

Unfortunately I dropped the cake on the floor when I was clearing the table. It's the main problem with this recipe, the cake is weirdly slippery and can slide off the plate just like that even if you haven't just finished a bottle of rose and a bottle of prosecco. But no harm done, we'd already finished. I scooped the bits back to the plate and no one will ever know. It’ll just be me and husband eating the rest anyway. I don’t serve food that has been on the floor to any other people. So if I ever invite you over for lunch or dinner the food has definitely been on the table not floor.

Afterwards we collapsed on the living room sofas too full to move. While sipping our mint and cardamom teas we managed to resolve most issues with world religions (Jesus turning the water into wine propably wasn't a good idea and must have pissed of the muslim population, sorry Glenn Wool - stole your joke), America’s gun problem (just stop shooting everybody in the head), difficulties of modern day dating, pros and cons of biological vs adopted children which I think was particularly well done as neither of us has kids of any kind.

Oh I have step kids of course, forgot about those.

My friend told me about this great new science that has uncovered that by eating a 600 calorie diet for some time, hopefully not for too long as sounds depressing, you can either prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimers disease, divorce and all kinds of things. Ok - not divorce. It might actually bring about a few as I can personally imagine not being a delight to live with on that kind of a diet.

It was called epe, epo, episomething. Epigenetics that’s it. Will report back later on more detail, I will do some research. Today’s a bit of a write-off anyway in epigenetics front as I must have passed the 600 calorie marks long before we moved to the main course.

But fascinating.

Anyway – the recipe I want to share is the taramosalata. Potato salad was nice as well, but to be honest I was getting a bit pressed for time, so I just chucked stuff in, not sure what all of it was. And when my friend kindly complimented on it and asked what was in it I just listed random things that I thought would go in a potato salad. Like potatoes.

For the Bakewell go here, it's a very good recipe, wouldn't know how to improve it.  For the goat cheese dip, this is your best bet and if you follow the recipe the dip probably won’t curdle. But if you particularly fancy a cottage cheese like knobbly version just replace the cream cheese with crème fraiche and yoghurt.

Greek fish roe dip - Taramosalata recipe

3 slices of white bread crusts removed
150g roe (unsmoked better, but I used smoked cod roe)
1 garlic clove
¼ cup milk
½ cup olive oil

Juice of one lemon
Black pepper

Most recipes call for stale bread and ask you to soak it in the milk, then squeeze dry and add to the mix. My bread was fresh and I actually forgot about the soaking bit, I just added all the ingredients together in the food processor and blitzed. And it was beautiful.

Baked goat cheese dip
Grilled fish skewer, potato salad
Finnish potato saladGreek salad

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  1. All the little salads and dips sound great and I REALLY want a BBQ now to try some of these! I have never had taramasalta before, so will definitely give that a go...might just go make a BBQ/Summer food board on pinterest actually :)
    So glad the bakewell worked, I'm working on almond slices at the moment, I'm on my 3rd attempt to get them like my nan used to make, nothing like so far, but fortunately not bad and quite edible :)