Meal Planning Monday 5th October - Get back to the kitchen woman


Ghormeh Sabzi Persian meat stew with fresh parsley, dill and fenugreek

Last week cooking didn't really happen a lot. I made a pretty good Ghormeh Sabzi stew, but next time I will go back to the lamb. I thought beef would be just as nice as there is a lot of taste in the stew anyway and I thought it would be healthier, but this recipe really is a lot nicer with lamb.

This week I will try to do a bit better, unfortunately I am away a bit so the start of the week is going to be weekend's leftovers for husband.  I made a really nice seafood pasta with three kinds of salmon, fresh, lightly smoked and proper smoked, prawns, asparagus. white wine, lemon and sour cream Sunday night, so the leftovers will see husband through till Wednesday when I'm back home. I just texted him that I had a nice piatti pesce and salmon and poached egg with asparagus on sourdough bread for dinner and he texted back that he had macaroni salad. That's apparently what he calls my beautiful seafood tagliatelle. With sour cream. Lemon. And fresh herbs.

Macaroni salad.

Meal plan for the week:

Seafood tagliatelle or macaroni salad as some might call it

I promised husband a special meat treat after three nights of macaroni salad
Moose keema and basmati rice

#fishfriday one day early this week
Whatever looks nice at John Lewis

Sirloin Steak from the little farm shop near work
Mushroom risotto

Pizza night with kids

Reindeer tenderloin
Sour cream and potato mash

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