Meal planning Monday 6th July


Traditional Finnish summer soup - kesäkeitto

I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the heatwave. The weather has been nice, but it hasn't been as hot as was promised. I naturally celebrate the fact that hoards of old people were not killed because of soaring temperatures, but I personally could have managed with a bit more heat.

We only had one properly hot day, Wednesday. It was awesome. I did a BBQ and we sat in the garden till long after dark. I have this image as evidence as to what was forecast (=promised).

It has been nice though and looks like lovely summery weather is continuing and it might even get hotter again towards the weekend so YIPPEE!!

I did pretty much everything in the meal plan apart from the Reindeer tart with Finn Crisp base - I will do it at some point, with all the barbecuing I just can't fit it in.

Dinner highlights of the week

- Finnish summer soup was very lovely, fresh, healthy. And full of taste and fragrance of childhood summers.
Greek moose burgers were a huge success which I must repeat soon. Husband went on about them for several days.
- Another big fish BBQ on #FishFriday. The recently spotted local fishmonger guy, who apparently has been there for 8 years (see if I pay attention to my surroundings), refuses to sell me most of his fish because he says they are not to my taste. I keep pointing at them, what's this? Nonononono, you won't like it. Not sure how he thinks he knows my taste after just two weeks. I don't even know, because I haven't tried the fish - just sell me the fish man! So Grouper and Sea bass it was again, but very lovely.
- Good old Za'atar chicken drumsticks on the barbecue on Saturday, an easy and lovely summer dish.

Brown spotted grouper and wild sea bass ready for BBQ

This week I am away for a few days for work, so there is food made ready for husband. I barbecued him some lamb burgers while doing a smoker bag side of salmon for our dinner tonight. Definitely stick to Alder smoker bags for fish, I did Hickory this time and it's too strong for fish. It was ok, but Alder is better.

The week's dinner plan

Monday        Smoker bag side of salmon, asparagus and broccoli
Tuesday        Husband to eat the leftovers of the smoker bag salmon
Wednesday   Lamb burgers for husband
Thursday      Coming home late, so something very quick - Sesame chicken noodles maybe
Friday           #FishFriday, seafood skewers, grilled vegetables and warm new potato salad
Saturday       Husband and his boys head for Turkish grill, I have a birthday party to attend
Sunday         Repeat of the moose burgers

Have a nice week everybody! Let's get the barbecues started.

Sharing the plan at Mrs M's as always!

BBQ moose burgers with olives and greek herbs

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  1. Wow your meal plan looks amazing. Gorgeous photos to x

    1. Thanks - I'm trying to work on my photography skills, I don't have a lot of patience and usually I'm really hungry at that point! Have a nice week - enjoy the sun!

    2. Thanks - I'm trying to work on my photography skills, I don't have a lot of patience and usually I'm really hungry at that point! Have a nice week - enjoy the sun!

  2. Well I was going to treat Tom to some smoker bags, but his new BBQ has turned up with a smoking section and he's excited because it has a chimney! Bless! :) So yes, the weather best perk up or he'll be lighting up in the house!

    Your fishmonger must be loaded if he's permenantly putting customers of their purchases! Sea Bass is nice, but it is nice sometimes to try something a little more exotic. We had Scorpian fish last year on holiday, it looked more impressive than it tasted though.

    It's a good job Tom doesn't read all this as he'd spot that you are nicely preparing food for your husband whilst you are away, Tom will have to cook for himself while I'm away...he's not happy! :D
    Btw, I like your tablecloth, I have a bit of an addiction to tablecloths and I keep buying them! Have a good week anyway & fingers crossed for that sun! ;)

  3. That's what good wives do :) I don't always, just if I have time.

    Tom's BBQ sounds great, looking forward to posts about it. I've never had the scorpian fish - I've seen it on bouillabaisse recipes, but good to know it's not worth too much chasing.

    Have a great week!

  4. What lovely photographs - very summery! I love the sound of your sesame chicken noodles, I bet my little boy would like those! What are these smoker bags? x

    1. They are called "Savu" smoker bags, you can get them in Amazon. They're foil bags with wood chips kinda built in, an easy substitute for a smoker box - you just chuck in some fish, or veg or both, put it on the grill or in the oven and you get the lovely smokey taste in your food.

    2. Oh fab! I'll have to check those out... Thanks :)