Meal Planning Monday - 13th of July


Here we are again, optimistically planning a week which is never going to go exactly to plan. And that's the way I like it. Uh-huh.

Last week wasn't too bad in terms of plan vs implementation. But then on Sunday I just felt the call of the lamb shanks from the freezer and decided to do those instead of the planned BBQ moose burgers which was perfect as husband had been secretly dreaming of lamb shanks all day. Once he saw what was cooking he gave me a massive hug and a very loud kiss and declared his undying love for me. If ever there was a man to whose heart the way was through the stomach!

Braised lamb shank on bed of rice

This week I am away Tuesday night for work, so it's freezer leftovers for husband. There are still some lovely BBQ lamb burgers for him, so he should be ok for one night.

Otherwise there's nothing particular in the plan. The weather is supposed to get really hot again towards the end of the week, so it'll be BBQ time again. I am a bit stressed out because this is the last week of work before two weeks of annual leave, and there is a lot of work I need to get done before I disappear. Because if I don't the whole company is obviously going to crumble and the British economy will find itself on the brink of disaster in manner of Greek tragedy.

We'll be going to Finland with husband and his boys, which is lovely, but also it's the sixth ice age there right now apparently, so that's stressing me out also, because everyone will get pneumonia, cystitis and brain freeze. So something's gotta give, and it might just be my meal plan, which is a bit crap I admit, but maybe this time the execution is better than the plan.

This weeks dinner plan

Monday            Sunday's leftover lamb shank and rice
Tuesday            Husband eating something from freezer
Wednesday       Smoked moose and mushroom gnocchi or something equally quick
Thursday           Grid-iron BBQ salmon, tenderstem broccoli and puy lentils
Friday                #fishfriday, filled sea bass or sea bream fillets on BBQ
Saturday            I have no clue, I'm tired and need to go to bed! Will figure out later.
Sunday              Persian chicken and lamb barbecue.

Have a good week everybody!

Breakfast frittata with Tomato, mozzarella and basil
Tomato, mozzarella and basil frittata - Saturday brunch

Salmon filled smoked in a smoker bag with asparagus and broccoli
Smoker bag salmon

Fish skewers

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  1. You are allowed to not have an immaculate meal plan every week as a worker! I'm lazily still off work, so have nothing better to do, though I am contemplating becoming a postie, so I can get fit, and only have to work 25hrs a week! :) Meaning I can still bake to my hearts content!
    According to the neighbours Tom was pining whilst I was away, and didn't eat hardly even though I had left him food! He's cheered up now and is back to criticising my inventions ;)
    Personally I think your plan sounds a lot more exciting than most and with lots of goodies like lamb, sea bass, salmon and persian Chicken! Win! ;)
    Have fun, and don't stress, we'll all be having pneumonia over here too at this rate...come back sun! :)

  2. :) OOh - like the idea of being a postie - lots of walking and easy hours - although early mornings.That's so sweet that he's pining - my man's definitely a bit lost without me even if I say so myself. Yes - sun, come back!

  3. Erm, wow, your meal plan sounds delicious. I particularly like the sound of the Persian chicken and the bbq salmon - very inspiring

    1. :) Thanks! BBQ salmon is a definite favourite, so easy and tasty. The weather has been great so another barbecue toning and tomorrow :)