Meal planning Monday for glucose control and a healthy heart


Back to meal planning after a really long time. The blog is taking slightly new direction with much more focus on really healthy but hopefully still delicious recipes. Our new diet is trying to address some of the health issues husband has been saddled with. The recipes are suitable for people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes and will aim to help keep blood glucose levels in check.  I'm trying to create recipes high in fibre and nutrients but low in carbs, specifically carbs that the body would turn into sugar quickly.

The other equally important focus is heart-health, low salt and saturated fats, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and keeping the arteries clear of plaque.

This diet is actually healthy for almost anyone. We are not particularly trying to lose weight, but both of us just a couple of weeks in already have lost a few of pounds.

It's not all brilliant (yet) - it's "a bit of  a learning curve", as we say in office bullshit when we haven't got a bloody clue. The low carb pasta options don't always behave the way you thought they would, husband doesn't always behave the way you thought he would, some of the food comes out looking a bit strange, or "like catfood" as husband diplomatically put it the other night.

And I have serious cheese cravings. Cheese is not necessarily all bad (protein and calcium - good!), but many cheeses contain a lot of salt and saturated fat so I've tried to steer away. One night at around midnight husband caught me at the fridge shoving a chunk of goat cheese into my gob. Slightly embarrassing.

So for this week I tried to put together a fantastically healthy plan.

Leftover San Fransiscan Cioppino fish soup from Sunday

Tuna steaks with asparagus and green salad

Chia meatballs in tomato sauce with low carb pasta

Chia meatballs again

Brown rice and vegetable chicken biryani

BBQ ribeye steaks (a Saturday treat, not necessarily as low in sat fats as we would like), oven chips, salad and veg

Salmon on the barbecue, either smoked or gridironed with veg

Have a good and healthy week everyone!

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