Meal planning Monday - Beeting the New Year blues


It’s strange to be back at work after a lazy couple of weeks. I’m hungry all the time. Like at 9am this morning I could have eaten one of my colleagues. I also find the required sobriety a bore. Life’s so much more fun with some mulled wine in the system. Oh well.

What is great though is the fact that days are getting longer and even though the difference is minimal now, soon it won’t be pitch black every day driving to work and back. In less than two weeks’ time sun will actually also rise in the Finnish Lapland. Can you imagine. It went down in November. Remember that next time you complain it’s dark.

No New Year’s resolutions from me. I won’t make any promises about being a better meal planner or eating or cooking healthier or cheaper. I think I do a pretty good job already. :) 

Greek lamb casserole and rice
I made this this weekend so it was quick to heat up after work tonight

Lindstrom’s burgers
A Swedish (or maybe Finnish) recipe of ground beef (or moose in my case) and beetroot

Some kind of a lentil soup or stew, maybe this spicy Dahl

Beetroot and goat cheese pasta
(bought a lot of beets for Christmas so need to get rid)

Filled sea bream or bass
Or if I can find fish I haven’t cooked before, it would be nice to try something new.

Looking for inspiration! Husband’s very old friend Frankie (short for Frankenstein which obviously is not her real name) is coming for a visit. I might consult my new cook book “Perfect Host” that I got for Christmas from upstairs neighbour. 

Crispy oven shrimp and salmon bites with green salad

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  1. I like the sound of the burgers with beetroot - I am a big fan of beetroot, always looking for new ways to use it! Thanks for joining in x