Hello weekend - Herb and tomato filled sea bream fillets


I was working at our Marylebone office today and decided to pop to John Lewis during lunch to pick up something nice for dinner. I chose lovely Greek sea bream fillets – I do love whole sea bream as well, but decided on the easy to eat option. Check when you buy that you have two and two of left side and right side otherwise they will not match when you stack them, if you see what I mean. Not a disaster if they won’t, has happened to me. Sprinkle some herbs on top and no one will ever know.

I found some pretty la ratte potatoes which I thought would make a nice warm potato salad. And asparagus tips and baby courgettes to be baked with the sea bream.

I picked up a massive sushi tray for myself for lunch as well and paid the price in the afternoon when I was falling asleep on my keyboard.

The dinner turned out delicious, sea bream and veggies were fresh and tasty and the potatoes were a lovely firm and waxy texture. A perfect wind down Friday meal.

Herb and tomato filled sea bream fillets (for 2)

4 sea bream fillets
Pepper / lemon pepper

2 scallions
8-10 of cherry tomatoes – different colours if you find them
2 tablespoons of fresh herbs, I used parsley this time and a couple of basil leaves
Drizzle of olive oil
Squeeze of lemon
Salt and pepper / lemon pepper

Asparagus spears
Mini courgettes or courgette slices

Season the fish fillets and you can add the tiniest drizzle of olive oil. For the filling: chop the scallions, tomatoes, and herbs, mix them together and drizzle with olive oile, add a squeeze of lemon and season.

Place two of the fillets skin down in an oven dish, divide the filling on them place the other two on top skin side up, obviously. If you want to tie the parcels be my quest. Toss the asparagus and halved baby courgettes with oil, season and add to the oven dish around the fish.

Bake in 200 C over for 20-25 min

Potato, feta and olive salad

La ratte potatoes (or other baby potatoes)
Herbs (I had dill and parsley)
Salt and pepper
Squeeze of lemon

Boil potatoes in salted water until done. Mix with Olives, chopped herbs a drizzle of oil, lemon, salt and pepper. If you wanted to chuck in some capers I wouldn't blame you. Fold in cubed feta. Serve warm. 

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