Mezze at the Grand Bazaar


One of my colleagues recently found a Turkish restaurant called Grand Bazaar. It is on the busy restaurant road James Street, but somehow I had missed it even though I walk past it often. We had a team dinner there a few months ago and today I went back for a lunch with a friend.

Grand Bazaar Turkish restaurant London
Colourful lamps decorate the ceiling of Grand Bazaar

The menu is a treasure trove of options, there is a long list of cold and hot mezze, salads, seafood and grills. We both chose the Grand Bazaar mezze which is a lovely combination of your normal mezze suspects like hummus and falafel. The plate is colourful and everything is fresh and tasty. Their hummus is silky smooth and the falafel has a crunch on the outside and is soft and delicious in the inside. One of my eternal favourites is stuffed wine leaves and these were just lovely. We wolfed it all down with the famous balloon bread and some Turkish white wine.

Mezze at Grand Bazaar Turkish restaurant London
Grand Bazaar Mezze

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